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Welcome to the Official Crossover Cove Wiki! This is a wiki dedicated to the epic Roleplay on KH Vids.


Welcome to the Role-Play about anything and everything, a place where you'll be able to RP as that person you've always wanted to, just never had the right place. Would you like to be unoriginal and RP as Sora? Gotta have it. Want to RP as Batman? Grab the tights and get to it. How about Link? Pursue your dreams of killing Navi. A murderous, treacherous lion? Back off he's mine.

You can join as anyone, It can be from a video game, anime, show, comic, movie, book, anything, just so long as the character abides to the KH-Vids rules. In this thread I'll be accepting new members into the RP, discussing events in the RP, etc. Make sure and read over this list below of all the characters already in use, some people have reserved characters, make sure and check that list as well before you try and enter with such a character.

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